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Linking the Canadian Herb, Specialty Ag and Natural Health Products Industry from field to shelf.

The Canadian Herb, Specialty Ag and Natural Health Products Coalition was formed to work together nationally to tackle issues that are common nationally. It is a group of representatives across the country who represent the industry in their region.

Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association is the secretariat for the coalition and under the guidance of the National coalition representatives address national issues. The Canadian Herb, Spice and Natural Health Products Coalition is able to connect industry from the field to plate by linking buyers with sellers, packagers with manufacturers, founders with businesses, researchers with industry needs. We can support the industry by providing up to date information, represent needs through development of regulatory and government policy.

We can showcase the industry through our website, tradeshows and international missions.

Build a viable national herb, spice and natural health product industry which highlights regional strengths and expertise and optimizes national synergies.

A profitable and sustainable Canadian herb, spice and natural health product industry.

— Lead the development and support the growth of the industry.
— Build value chains whereby there is increased cooperation amongst industry. participants and increased net return across the industry.
— Support provincial associations and address overarching national issues.


Role of the Coalition:

1. Coordinate research and funding
  • Provide direction from an industry standpoint to the research community and avoid duplication.
  • Initiate research in the area of applied science.
2. Communication
  • Provide a forum for industry to exchange ideas and to do business.
  • Provide education and training from field to shelf.
3. Voice to Government
  • Ensure national representation of the industry to all levels of government.
  • Encourage and support proactive dialogue between industry and government.
4. Marketing
  • Promote and heighten awareness of the industry in Canada.
  • Promote Canadian standards on the international market in the context of branding Canada.









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